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Who we are

The Spark Labs brand came to fruition when a few partners (who worked for different agencies) had a vision to build an ethics based marketing agency that thrived on transparency, good communications and sheer performance. One that bridged the gaps of what has always been missing in the digital marketing world; trust issues, poor expectation setting, slow adaptability in correlation with the fast trending digital space and a plethora of other major roadblocks. At spark labs, we win for our clients every single day by providing ethical marketing driven by results. Spark Labs is a team full of passionate marketers, copy writers, creators, developers, graphic designers, analysts, and strategists who take great pride in solving problems for our clients and bringing real world results that can be predictable and calculated.

The Spark Labs team offers customized digital marketing solutions that provide a clear cut systemized way to increase new leads and customers depending on your industry and niche and retain them too!

The Spark team

Sparked by creativity, innovative and passion. We think outside the box, push the boundaries and stretch the imagination to build brands in a cohesive way that is both refreshing and simplistic. Content writing, graphic design, ad copies, social engagement and branding are just a few of the many hats we wear on the Spark team.

The Labs team

Bringing a calculated approach to marketing, our Labs team is hyper-focused on a/b split testing every aspect of data to help maximize the results while staying lean. Within this division, at our core focus is data mining, coding, analytical reports, analyzing and budgeting.

Some of Our Clients

Our Unique approach

We have separated ourselves from the traditional digital marketing approach by leveraging fresh and unique ideas with an objective stance so that we ultimately let the market give us the data we need to build powerful and lean campaigns that truly work.

We blend game changing ideas with objective thinking data

Our ethos is that ‘Spark’ represents our content and creative side, and ‘Labs’ represents our analytics focus. We find that our clients really benefit from both sides of the coin because we can help them set a creative vision that sets them apart, while also holding tension to the analytics performance of their marketing spend to drive a target ROI.

Spark Logo


We strategically built a team of very talented creatives who are extremely passionate about coming up with innovative ideas and unique concepts that make companies and brands look extraordinary.

Labs Logo


Conversely, we assembled a division of highly skilled analysts, marketers, coders and data miners who split test every single micro detail to bring macro results by understanding data and metrics like a scientific lab.

Our Services

Our Special Formula: We combine digital craftsmanship with innovative thinking to deliver disruptive solutions on a local and global scale, depending on the industry. We specialize in building and strengthening brands in ways that are comprehensive, authentic and creative.

Lead Generation Service

lead generation

Help drive traffic and leads for your ideal target audience. Communicate and deliver a message or offer that they understand.

Web Development Service


Offering 2020 modern and aesthetically pleasing websites that are clean, fast, responsive and user friendly.

Social Branding Service

social branding

Create that meaningful connection with your audience and build that trust over time to build an authentic community.

Email Marketing Service

Email Marketing

Consistently target new and returning customers with email campaigns and newsletters that your audience cares about.

Blogs Post


Help users stay engaged with the most up to date info about your brand! Our writers deliver compelling and educational articles.

SEO team


Need to increase your ranking on google? Our SEO team will increase your page position with onsite and offsite services.

Social Media marketing

Experience design and intelligent branding for growing companies. We focus on building an authentic community around your brand. With the world shifting to the online world, social media marketing is the difference maker between surviving and thriving.

Online Social Media Marketing
Social Media
Website Design Service

Website Design

We build websites with a 2020 look and feel with cutting edge designs, SEO optimization and clean coding. Our websites (and landing pages) are intentionally created with the proper call to actions using psychological triggers to have customers go through the sales funnel.

Mobile Responsive

Online presence is crucial in today’s digital world, especially on mobile as 70% of users are looking through websites on their mobile devices versus the traditional desktops.

Mobile Responsive Service
Lead Generation Service

Lead Generation

With performance marketing, we break it down like a science and we dive deep to gain all the necessary data to win. We split test everything – the ad copies, the demographics/interests,target-audience, the landing page, call forwarded numbers, keywords, ad groups and more. Essentially we look close at the details so that we can understand the human behaviors within the industry so that leads have a seamless process to convert into a paying customer.

Our Features


We are agile and adaptable in a very fast changing industry of digital marketing.


We set clear expectations, have good ethics, honesty, and raw transparency.

Superior Customer ServicE

We value each and every client, and work hard to ensure customer satisfaction with quick response rates.

Competitive pricing

Delivering exceptional value, we maintain the highest quality standards while keeping prices competitive.

Custom tailored experience

We work with you to create unique solutions designed to meet your specific needs, whatever your challenge may be.


Detail oriented, efficient, precise, and committed to results.

The Labs team

Bringing a calculated approach to marketing, our Labs team is hyper-focused on a/b split testing every aspect of data to help maximize the results while staying lean. Within this division, at our core focus is data mining, coding, analytical reports, analyzing and budgeting.

Creative Think tanks

These think tank sessions are designed for either 1, 2 or 4 power hours of full throttle marketing strategies and/or overlooking the current initiatives and data reports to make pivots and twists where necessary that can be rolled out every month, as your in house marketing team or online partners. Joining the meeting would be a few different gifted hats – a creative, a strategist, a marketing analyst (and more if necessary) who sit with the owner or executive team to explore and dissect the game plan.


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